Every owner, keeper or harborer of any dog or cat over six months of age within the limits of the town shall cause the dog or cat to be inoculated: in the case of a dog, pursuant to the requirements of I.C. 35-46-3-1; and in the case of a cat, as hereby required by a practicing Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a prophylactic serum to prevent rabies at least once a year, and not more than 12 months shall elapse between successive inoculations. In addition, more frequent reinoculation or inoculation of younger animals may be required when ordered by the State Veterinarian pursuant to I.C. 15-2.1-6 or when ordered by the Town Council President pursuant to § 95.33.
(`86 Code, § 3-5-12) (Ord. passed 7-17-84; Am. Ord. 86-C5, passed 7-15-86)