§ 91.99 PENALTY.
   A person or organization who fails to comply with rules and regulations as adopted under § 91.06 will be subject to the following sanctions:
   (A)   Any such person or organization may be given a penal citation for the violation by any police officer, or by a representative of the Department of Parks and Recreation so authorized, and shall be liable to a penal fine as determined by § 10.99 for each offense; and/or
   (B)   Any such person or organization, after having been warned of the violation by a police officer or a representative of the Department of Parks and Recreation, or after having been cited under division (A) of this section who then refuses to desist from the violation or who thereafter persistently engages in such violation, may by order of the Board or the Superintendent be barred from the affected premises or from participation in the affected activities and if further failing to comply with such debarment may be prosecuted by the town for civil or criminal trespass.
(`86 Code, § 5-1-10) (Ord. passed 8-5-74; Am. Ord. 86-C7, passed 8-25-86)