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166.31  EASEMENTS.
   1.   Utility Easements.  Utility easements shall be 20 feet wide, falling half on adjoining lots along rear lot lines.  They shall be planned for easy and continuous access for maintenance, shall be continuous through the block and shall connect as nearly in line as possible with adjoining easements.  To facilitate the use of easements, rear lot lines in curvilinear platting shall form straight lines for as long a distance as feasible.  Side lot easements may be 10 feet wide.  Where topography dictates, the full width of an easement may fall on one lot.
   2.   Drainage Easements.  Drainage easements for storm sewers or open channels may be required where storm drainage cannot be practically carried under streets or on other rights-of-way.  Open channel drainage easements may be required where there is evidence that the natural drainage for a large area traverses the subdivision.  Drainage easements shall be sufficient in width so that motorized equipment may be used in their maintenance.