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165.01 Title
165.32 Annexation
165.02 Purpose
165.33 A-1 Existing Agricultural District
165.03 Interpretation of Standards
165.34 A-2 Rural/Estates District
165.04 Application of District Regulations
165.35 CN Conservation District
165.05 Establishment of District Provision for Official
165.36 R-1 High Density Single-Family Residential District
Zoning Map
165.37 R-2 Medium Density Single-Family Residential District
165.06 Rules For Interpretation of District Boundaries
165.38 R-3 Low Density Single-Family Residential District
165.07 Definitions
165.39 R-4 Multi-Family Residential District
165.08 Zoning Administrator
165.40 R-5 Townhouse Residential District
165.09 Enforcement Responsibilities
165.40 R-5 Townhouse Residential District
165.10 Principal Permitted Uses
165.41 R-6 Mobile Home Park District
165.11 Zoning/Building Permits Required
165.42 C-1 General Commercial District
165.12 Application for Zoning/Building Permits
165.43 C-2 Business and Neighborhood District (Older Square District)
165.13 Issuance of Conditional and Permanent Zoning/Building Permits
165.44 C-3 Highway Commercial District
165.14 Expiration of Conditional and Permanent Zoning/Building Permits
165.45 M-1 Light Industrial District
165.15 Residential Dwelling Standards
165.46 M-2 Medium Industrial District
165.16 Board of Adjustment: Establishment and Procedure
165.47 M-3 Heavy Industrial District
165.17 Board of Adjustment: Power and Duties
165.48 Supplementary District Regulations
165.18 Appeals from the Board of Adjustment
165.49 Zero Lot Line Criteria
165.19 Amendments to Zoning Code
165.50 Parking Regulations For C-1, C-2, C-3, M-1, M-2, and M-3 Districts
165.20 Complaints Regarding Violations
165.51 Deferral of Parking Spaces
165.21 Violations and Penalties
165.52 PUD Planned Unit Development District
165.22 Other Remedies
165.53 Administration: Duties of Administrative Official, Board of Adjustment, City Commission and Courts on Matters of Appeal
165.23 Intent of Nonconforming Lots, Nonconforming Uses of Land, Nonconforming Structures; Nonconforming Uses of Structures and Premises and Nonconforming Characteristics of Use
165.54 Sign Regulations
165.24 Nonconforming Lots of Record
165.55 Fence and Wall Regulations
165.25 Nonconforming Uses of Land
165.56 Purpose and Scope
165.26 Nonconforming Structures
165.57 Procedures
165.27 Nonconforming Uses of Structures or of Structures and Premises in Combination
165.58 Jurisdiction
165.28 Repairs and Maintenance
165.59 Site Plan Requirements
165.29 Uses Under Special Exception Provisions Not Nonconforming Use
165.60 Lighting Standards - Definitions
165.30 Zoning Districts
165.61 Lighting Standards - Design Guidelines
165.31 Boundaries
165.62 Site and Building Design Standards