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166.30  LOTS.
   1.   Minimum Lot Dimensions.  Lot sizes shall meet or exceed the requirement of the Zoning Regulations as to lot size and shall as near as practical meet or exceed the typical lot size for existing building sites in the immediate vicinity.  Each lot shall be a buildable site after taking into account all yard spaces required by the Zoning Regulations.  Excessive lot depth in relation to width shall be avoided.  In general, the ratio of width to depth should be one to one and one-half.
   2.   Corner Lots Wider.  Corner lots in residential areas shall be enough wider than inside lots so as to allow an appropriate setback from both streets.
   3.   Side Lines Perpendicular.  Side lines of lots shall be approximately at right angles to straight street lines and radial to curved street lines.
   4.   Double Frontage.  Lots with street frontage at both front and rear shall be avoided except when backing on an arterial street.
   5.   Street Frontage.  Each lot shall have frontage on a street.  An alley shall not suffice as a sole means of access.
   6.   Reversed Frontages and Key Lots.  Reversed frontages at cross street intersections shall be avoided except where it will match existing development.  Key lots, being those inside lots fronting on side streets, shall be avoided except where they are matching existing development and other lots are excessively deep.  Key lots shall be prohibited where they disrupt utility or drainage easements.  Reverse frontage and normal corner lots when adjacent to a key lot shall have additional width to allow full front yard setbacks on both streets.  Homes on streets with several reversed frontage lots shall be required to face the same direction.
   7.   Outlots shall be prohibited.