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166.29  BLOCKS.
   1.   Block Length.  Intersecting streets determining block lengths shall be provided at such intervals as to serve cross traffic adequately and to meet existing streets and customary subdivision practice in the immediate area.  Blocks shorter than 450 feet and longer than 1,200 feet in residential districts should be avoided.  Blocks longer than 600 feet should be avoided in business districts.
   2.   Block Width.  The width of a block shall be sufficient to allow for two tiers of lots with alley or utility easement if required.  Blocks intended for business or industrial use shall be of such width as may be best suited for the contemplated use of the property, taking into consideration the probable arrangement of parking and truck loading and maneuvering upon the property.
   3.   Very Large Lots and Blocks.  When a tract is subdivided into larger than normal lots or parcels, such lots or parcels shall be so arranged as to permit the logical location and opening of future streets and appropriate resubdivision with provision for adequate utility connections for such resubdivision.  Easements for the future openings and extension of such streets may, at the direction of the Planning Commission, be made a requirement of the plat.