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The scale shall be one inch equals 100 feet or larger.  In the event that the entire plat cannot be drawn on one sheet, it shall be submitted in two or more sheets of the specified dimensions along with an index sheet of the same dimensions showing the entire development in simplified form at a smaller scale.  The original shall be submitted for checking and signature and shall become a permanent public record upon recording.  Duplicate originals may be submitted for signatures and may become the property of the subdivider.  The final plat shall portray the following information:
   1.   Name of subdivision, points of the compass, scale of the plat, name of subdivider, date and name, address and seal of the surveyor.  Location of boundary lines, in relation to section, quarter section, all of which comprise a legal description of the property.  All locations shall be tied to a land survey corner which has the approval of the County Engineer.
   2.   The lines of all streets and alleys and other lands to be dedicated with their widths and names shall conform to existing street name patterns and shall also portray the lines of the sidewalks on said streets.
   3.   All lot lines and dimensions and numbering of lots and blocks according to a uniform system.  Statutory systems shall be complied with if applicable.
   4.   Indication of building lines with dimensions if such lines are desired.
   5.   Easements for any right-of-way provided for public use, drainage, services or utilities, showing dimensions and purpose.
   6.   All dimensions, both linear and angular, necessary for locating the lines of lots, tracts, or parcels of land, streets, alleys, easements and the boundaries of the subdivision.  The linear dimensions are to be expressed in feet and decimals of feet.  The plat shall show all curve data necessary to reconstruct on the ground all curvilinear boundaries and lines and radii of all rounded corners.
   7.   Closure.  The perimeter and blocks of the plat shall close to an allowable unadjusted error of one in five thousand.  Latitudes and departure computations shall be submitted.  All lines in the plat shall meet this standard of accuracy.
   8.   The description, location and elevation of all bench marks.
   9.   The description and location of all permanent monuments set in the subdivision.
   10.   Names in dotted lettering of adjacent plats with location of adjoining streets shown by dashed lines.
   11.   Legal description of the lands being subdivided.
   12.   Certificate of dedication signed and acknowledged by all parties having any title interest in the land subdivided and consenting to the preparation and recordation of the plat as submitted.
   13.   Engineer’s certificate and seal.
   14.   Certificates of approval in legally correct form and places for the signatures of the following:  notary public acknowledging dedication, the Chairperson of the Planning Commission, the Mayor and City Clerk.  Other certificates as may be required by law may be recorded as separate instruments accompanying the plat.
Fees for signage are due upon filing of the final plat in accordance with the fee chart most recently approved by the Council.