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166.18  FEES.
   1.   Before a preliminary plat, final plat or plat of survey shall be considered by the Commission, the applicant or agent shall deposit with the Clerk a fee according to a schedule adopted from time to time by resolution of the Council.  The appropriate fees shall be deposited following Council action on the preliminary plat, final plat or plat of survey.  In the event that said fees are insufficient to reimburse the City for engineering charges incurred by the City in the examination and review of the preliminary plat, final plat or plat of survey, the subdivider shall be responsible for any additional fees incurred by the City for such engineering charges.
   2.   In addition to the plat filing fees, the Subdivider shall be responsible for just and reasonable costs incurred by the City during the course of construction of the improvements for inspection, testing, or other work deemed necessary by the City to assure proper construction in accordance with the approved construction drawings and applicable standards and ordinances.
   3.   The City shall annually, by resolution, determine the hourly rate which it shall pay for professional engineering services which shall be deemed to be the maximum rate which may be imposed upon any subdivider during such annual period.