A.   This Chapter shall be applicable to the principals of any entity performing any activity regulated by this Chapter and to their agents and employees and to persons forming a partnership for the purpose of engaging in any activity subject to regulation by this Chapter. Every dealer regulated hereunder shall be liable for all the penalties provided herein for violation for any provision of this Chapter, whether such violation be committed by himself or his agent, clerk or employee.
   B.   Exemptions: This Chapter shall not apply to:
      1.   Licensed pawnbrokers.
      2.   Any person who, solely as a hobby, collects coins or other money of numismatic value or any other item specified in Section 4-2-2 and who purchases, sells or exchanges such items in pursuit of that hobby.
      3.   Persons or transactions associated with bona fide trade shows or conventions where all transactions of purchase, sale or exchange are made in connection with such trade shows or conventions and within the confines of the trade show or convention site.
      4.   The purchase or receipt of any item regulated by this Chapter by one precious metal dealer from another, provided that the item, if originally obtained from one other than a dealer, has been registered and retained for the ten (10) day period as required hereunder.