Every precious metal dealer shall keep a tightly bound book, not looseleaf, with pages numbered in sequence, at his principal place of business. Entries shall be made at the time of any purchase, exchange or receipt of an item for sale or resale on consignment and shall be written in ink. This record shall be kept three (3) years after the date of each transaction recorded therein. The record shall contain the following information:
   A.   The date of the transaction;
   B.   The name of the person or employee conducting the transaction;
   C.   The name, age, sex, driver's license number, vehicle license number, street address and general description of the person with whom the transaction was made including race, height, color of hair and complexion;
   D.   The name and street address of the owner of the property;
   E.   A complete description of the property including, but not limited to, the type of item, the brand name, the type and approximate weight of the precious metals of which it is composed, the types of gems or stones in the item, their points, weight and/or carats, if available, any letters or other identifying marks inscribed thereon and such other information as may be necessary to distinguish the item from others of similar character;
   F.   The price paid by the dealer; and
   G.   The signature of the person selling or consigning the property. (Ord. 118, 8-28-1981)