(A)   There is hereby established the Non-discriminatory Practices Review Committee (NDPRC) as a Commission authorized understate law by I.C. § 22-9-1-12.1.
   (B)   The NDPRC is comprised of five members of which three shall be members of the Town Council and two shall be made up from either Zionsville resident(s) and/or Zionsville business owner(s) who are not council members. One resident or business owner member shall be selected by the Town Council and one shall be selected by the Town Executive. The Town Council shall select three of its members to serve as members of the NDPRC. The committee members shall select a committee chairperson from among  their membership at their first meetine in each calendar year. All appointments to the NDPRC expire at midnight on December 31 of each year. NDPRC Committee members may be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms at the discretion of the appointing authority. All members serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority and can be removed at any time. Any member that is removed or resigns during the term of his/her appointment shall be replaced by the appointing authority within 30 days from receipt of removal or resignation. Initial appointments to the NDPRC may be made prior to January 1 and shall serve until December 31 of the year in which they were appointed.
   (C)   Any information regarding a complaint, and all actions taken by the NDPRC shall be confidential and not made public, except as required by state or federal law. Members of the NDPRC shall sign a confidentiality agreement regarding certain information in order to protect complainants and those against whom allegations have been made. The NDPRC shall retain the confidentiality of a complaint unless the circumstances will require release per state statute.
(Ord. 2015-09, passed 7-7-2015)