(A)   Any person or firm who shall have in operation a water sprinkler system for fire prevention and/or control shall:
      (1)   Incur all costs of installation of the system on the premises and shall incur all costs of running water trunk lines off the premises in excess of the cost to the city of placement of water mains of a diameter larger than would ordinarily be placed by the city in the event there were no water sprinkler system for fire prevention.
      (2)   Pay to the city an annual charge of $36 per system per building up to and including 500 sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads in excess of 500 shall be billed on the basis of $.15 per sprinkler head.
   (B)   The annual fee shall be prorated during the first year of hook-up.
('74 Code, § 26-1) (Ord. 312, passed 1-26-81)
   Automatic fire sprinkler incentives, see §§ 99.10 through 99.13