It shall be unlawful to place out for collection by the Department any hazardous or prohibited waste as defined herein.
   (A)   Building material. The city shall not be responsible for the collection of dirt, rock, sod, plaster, lumber, metal or other construction and demolition waste originating from private property preliminary to, during, or subsequent to the construction of new buildings, or alterations or additions to existing buildings. Such material shall be removed by the owner of the property or by the contractor.
   (B)   Contagious disease solid waste. The removal of clothing, bedding or other solid waste from homes or places where highly infectious or contagious diseases have prevailed shall be performed by a licensed medical waste collector registered with the Building Department. Such solid waste shall not be placed for collection and shall not be collected by Department personnel.
   (C)   Inflammable or explosive materials. Highly flammable or potentially explosive materials or toxic substances shall not be placed in containers for regular collections, but shall be disposed of at the expense of the owner or possessor thereof.
   (D)    Prohibited waste. Biohazardous waste, sharps, flammable liquids, motor oils, pesticides, herbicides, and other hazardous materials shall not placed for collection, and shall not be collected by Department personnel. Wet paint shall not be collected unless dried to a solid and lids removed from the paint container.
('74 Code, § 11-13) (Ord. 396, passed 5-27-86; Am. Ord. 985-07, passed 9-10-07; Am. Ord. 1396-19, passed 12-9-19)