(A)    The city shall provide or arrange for containers or refuse bins with proper, well-fitting covers adequate to contain the solid waste generated or produced by such establishment, and shall place all such solid waste therein.
      (1)   The owner or occupant shall use the container(s) or refuse bin(s) as provided by the city.
      (2)   Plastic bags of at least one and one-half mill thickness may be used if they are tied or sealed to prevent spillage, do not exceed 32 gallons in capacity, and do not weigh more than 30 pounds when filled. Plastic bags shall be placed inside the container provided by the city.
      (3)   The owner or occupant shall maintain the containers or refuse bins and the area of their location in a clean, sanitary and operational condition.
      (4)   Spillage from improper containers or refuse bin over-spillage will not be picked up by the Department.
      (5)   No more than ten plastic bags or bundles of yard trash will be picked up per request. A request must be generated to the Department via telephone or email for the collection of yard waste.
   (B)   Any container or refuse bin which is in disrepair due to the lack of a well-fitting lid/cover or the presence of holes, cracks or tears in the bottom or sides may be condemned and so marked by Department employees. Any containers so marked must be immediately replaced by the owner or occupant with acceptable containers as specified herein. Such condemned containers or refuse bins may be picked up and removed by Department collection crews at any scheduled collection following the marking of the container or refuse bin with the condemnation card if not replaced as specified herein.
   (C)   Service may be rendered by either containers or by refuse bins at the Department’s option.
   (D)   No service shall be given to any residential or commercial premises permitting persons, objects, obstructions or vehicles to hinder in any way whatsoever the servicing of the container or refuse bin by Department vehicles and personnel. If service is obstructed and the customer requests a return trip, then a separate charge will be made.
   (E)   Any solid waste which, by reason of its bulk or shape, cannot be placed within a container or refuse bin shall be tied in a bundle and placed at the owner or occupant’s normal pick-up location for collection. A request must be generated to the Department via telephone or email for the collection of bulky waste. The owner or occupant shall receive four bulky waste pickups per calendar year at no additional cost. Excess bulky waste pickups (exceeding four per calendar year) shall incur a $15 fee per additional request.
   (F)   Yard trash in excess of six cubic yards per month or any other solid waste not placed in containers or refuse bins shall be collected as a special service and for an additional charge as set forth herein.
('74 Code, § 11-8) (Ord. 396, passed 5-27-86; Am. Ord. 985-07, passed 9-10-07; Am. Ord. 1396-19, passed 12-9-19) Penalty, see § 10.99