(A)   Water pressure not guaranteed. Neither the city nor its water department guarantees an uninterrupted supply of reclaimed water or water of any particular pressure for any purpose, but reserves and shall have the right to shut off reclaimed water at any time for the purpose of making repairs or extensions, or for any other purpose incidental to the reclaimed water supply, and will not be responsible for any damage resulting from a consumer leaving a faucet open, or otherwise caused by low/high pressure.
   (B)   City’s right to disconnect. The Water Department shall have the right to disconnect reclaimed water from a parcel at the main for the protection of the city or the consumer in cases where a private system has been illegally installed or a building has burned or has been torn down or when the consumer has been found to be using reclaimed water illegally and to assess the regular schedule of fees for restoration of service.
   (C)   Liability of the city for damages due to water pressure. The city guarantees no certain water pressure and shall in no case be in any way liable or responsible to any persons whatsoever in case of fire,
or for any damage that may result from any alleged insufficiency of such fire protection, either from want of pressure or volume, excess pressure or volume, accessibility or for any other costs.
   (D)   City not responsible for water loss from leaks on private property. The city shall not be responsible for any loss of water from leaks, breaks, or otherwise, and shall be under no obligation to make billing adjustments for such leaks.
   (E)   City water restrictions. The city shall follow the water restrictions adopted by Pasco County.
(Ord. 1387-19, passed 10-28-19)