§ 56.10 WATER METER.
   (A)   Reclaimed water meter required.
      (1)   It shall be necessary for any user of reclaimed water furnished by the city who does not have a meter installed upon the premises to so notify the City Manager, and the City Manager shall provide for the installation of a meter in accordance with the connection fees as shown in § 56.02.
      (2)   It shall be a requirement that each single-family residential unit and duplex shall have a separate water meter. The city may require that each unit in a multiple unit area be metered individually, which requirement may be enacted either in the initial stage of the multiple residential unit development or at any subsequent date that the city deems advisable. An early non-requirement by the city shall not be a waiver of that requirement.
   (B)   Meter installation. Meters shall be installed in a location that will be easy to access.
   (C)   Reading meters. The City Manager, by his or her agents, shall read or cause to be read every water meter used in the city at such times as are necessary that the bills may be sent out at the proper time.
   (D)   Testing meters. Any municipal reclaimed water meter shall be removed and tested for accuracy at the request of the customer for a fee that will be charged to the customer’s account. If the tested meter is over the AWWA-recommended standards for meter accuracy, the meter shall be repaired or replaced within a reasonable period of time and the fee shall not be charged to the customer account. Fee amount shall be set by resolution.
   (E)   Additional connection to master meter. Any user or person operating from a master meter for reclaimed water shall notify the city 14 days in advance prior to connecting to or permitting connection to any line connecting to city reclaimed water. Failure to provide notice shall be punished as set forth in § 56.99.
(Ord. 1387-19, passed 10-28-19)