(A)   City approval of routes. Before allowing or agreeing to any extension of the reclaimed water system, the City Council shall approve the route to be adopted for the extension, and shall require the applicant to procure and deliver to the city deeds conveying the easement of way or the entire route proposed for the constructing and maintenance of the extension. Upon completion of the extension, and the extension being inspected and approved by appropriate officials, the applicant shall transfer and assign the same to the city by deed of conveyance, vesting title to the lines in the city.
   (B)   Cost.
      (1)   The entire cost of extension of the reclaimed water system shall be borne by the person applying for the service. The costs incurred by the applicant shall not be reimbursed to the applicant. This expenditure by the applicant is a direct result of the applicant’s desire to obtain the fullest degree of public health and safety for his or her usage.
      (2)   When any applicant shall propose to construct off-site reclaimed water improvements of sufficient capacity to serve other users, City Council may, at its discretion, should it determine it to be in the city’s best interest, permit up to 50% of the connection fees required by § 56.02 to be used for the cost of extending utility services. If the amount approved by the city is equal to, or in excess of, the costs of constructing the extension, then upon payment of the amount prior to construction, the city may, at its option, construct or have constructed the extension. If the amount approved by the city is not a significant part of the total cost of any utility extension, then the city, at its option, may allow the applicant a partial credit against future connection fees due and payable in accordance with § 56.02.
(Ord. 1387-19, passed 10-28-19)