§ 56.07 DEPOSITS.
   (A)   Deposits required. All users of reclaimed water shall be required to pay a deposit to the city. Deposit amounts shall be determined by resolution of the City Council from time to time.
   (B)   Rates of deposits.
      (1)   Residential. Individually metered residential and small commercial units receiving reclaimed water service shall pay a deposit. The amount of this deposit is determined by and may be changed by the City Council from time to time.
      (2)   Commercial users. Commercial users of reclaimed water shall pay a deposit equaling the average consumption and charges of a similar use for a two-month period, the average being calculated from an annual period. If a similar use is nonexistent, then a projected consumption rate and charge for a period of two months will be determined by the city at its discretion. If, after a period of time, the projection is less than the actual consumption of reclaimed water, then the deposit will be increased and the user will be required to pay the difference within 15 days of notification.
   (C)   Refund of deposit after termination. When service to any applicant is discontinued permanently, any remaining deposit, less any amounts due the city for services rendered, shall be refunded without interest.
   (D)   Application. The deposit rates charged herein shall apply to any new user after the effective date of this chapter. However, if a user has previously had service terminated for nonpayment or had a history of delinquency in payments, the city may at its option require that user to conform with the deposit rates established herein when reconnecting, transferring service, or applying for new service.
   (E)   Unauthorized connection. No person shall connect to, or turn on, any reclaimed water service or cut-in, interconnect, tap, or make any alteration to any main or distribution or collection pipe of the city’s reclaimed water system or permit any connection or tapping to be made to the city’s reclaimed water system on his or her premises or the premises occupied by him or her, or knowingly use the city’s reclaimed water service from connections in violation of any provision of this chapter or any rules or regulations adopted by the City Council with respect thereto.
(Ord. 1387-19, passed 10-28-19)