(A)   Application.
      (1)   No person shall use the city reclaimed water system without first making written application for the service to the city at least 14 working days, in the case of initial cut-in, before the service is desired, paying all costs, charges, fees, and deposits incident thereto. The application shall be on forms furnished by the city and the applicant shall agree, by acceptance of the service, to abide by all the provisions of this chapter and the applicable rules of the city in regard to the use of its reclaimed water system as may from time to time be operative and effective. Applications for service by firms, organizations, partnerships, associations, and corporations shall be tendered by only their duly authorized agents, and the official title of the party shall be assigned to the application.
      (2)   Customers with a current potable irrigation meter and associated account shall not be charged for a reclaimed water irrigation meter and connection charge upon changing to reclaimed water from potable irrigation.
   (B)   Service outside city limits. Whenever any person desires to secure the services beyond the present lines of the city, the person shall make written application to the City Council or their designee, stating the name of the owner(s) of the property, the kind of services desired, and the purpose for which the service is required, giving a definite description and a definite location of the property where the service is to be rendered, and such other information as will aid the Council in determining the advantages to be derived from the service. The application shall be accompanied by a plat showing the route along which the lines are to be extended and where the connection with the city’s existing line is to be made; and in the application there shall also be stated the name of the person, or members of the firm or presiding officer of the corporation making the request for service, with the post-office address of each. The application for service (reclaimed water) shall be in compliance with established rules and regulations pertaining to execution of annexation agreements. All applications for service outside the city shall be carefully considered and examined, and if it is found that the service requested is feasible and it will be to the best interest of the city to grant the application, before agreeing to the extension, it shall be required that the applicant give easement of way for constructing and maintaining the line. Until the easement is granted to the city, no service shall be allowed.
(Ord. 1387-19, passed 10-28-19)