§ 115-02  Prohibited Acts.
   It shall be unlawful for any person or group to solicit money or other things of value, or to solicit the sale of goods or services:
   (A)   In an aggressive manner in a public area; or
   (B)   In any public transportation vehicle or from any persons within 15 feet of any transit stop, bus stop, taxi stand, train station platform or the inside of the train station, except that the operator of a public transportation vehicle may request or accept payment of a fare; or
   (C)   Within 15 feet of any entrance or exit of any bank or automated teller machine facility, without the consent of the owner or other person legally in possession of such facility; or
   (D)   Immediately adjacent to the entrance of a business in a manner that physically interferes with ingress or egress to that business entrance.
(Ord. O2015-009, passed 3-4-15)