§ 210-09  Construction Standards.
   (A)   The “Construction Standard Detail Drawings, dated May 2019,” and current revisions thereto, by this reference made a part hereof, is adopted for the City of Yuma.
   (B)   The "Maricopa Association of Governments Uniform Standard Specifications" current edition and revisions thereto, and the "City of Yuma Supplement to the MAG Uniform Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction" effective May 15, 2016, and current revisions thereto, each by this reference made a part hereof, are adopted as the Construction Specifications for public improvements for the City of Yuma, Arizona.
   (C)   The City Engineer is hereby authorized and directed to periodically review the Construction Specifications and Construction Standard Detail Drawings and prepare amendments as the need may arise so that the adopted Construction Specifications and Construction Standard Detail Drawings will comply with current standardized and recognized engineering practice and will be reasonably compatible with similar standards adopted by other governmental entities. Unless previously adopted by resolution, such amendments shall be put into effect by ordinance of the City Council.
   (D)   The City Engineer, or his designated representative, is authorized to allow exceptions and minor modifications, on a case-by-case basis, when physical conditions, good engineering practice and common sense dictate. Use of the Construction Specifications or Standard Detail Drawings does not relieve anyone of the necessity for following the accepted and adopted rules and practices of the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors as established in Arizona Revised Statutes.
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Statutory reference:
   Require construction of sidewalks, see A.R.S. § 9-243