§ 195-08 Review and Approval.
   (A)   The city will review each application, as part of its permit issuance process, for certain types of permits to determine its conformance with the provisions of this chapter. After receiving an application, the city shall respond in one of the following ways:
      (1)   Approve the permit application; or
      (2)   Approve the permit application subject to such reasonable conditions as may be necessary to substantially secure the objectives of this regulation, and issue the permit subject to these conditions; or
      (3)   Disapprove the permit application, indicating the reason(s) and procedure for submitting a revised application and/or submission.
   (B)   If the city does not act on an original or revised application, within 30 calendar days of the submittal, the applicant may assume approval of application, and request issuance of the permit, unless additional agreements have been created between the applicant and the city.
(Ord. O2007-78, passed 12-19-07)