§ 195-05 Exemptions.
   The following are exempt from the requirements of this chapter:
   (A)   New sites with on-site retention criteria per § 192-03 which ensures that the subject site will capture all its stormwater within premises and no stormwater will be released off site and in accordance with the stormwater on-site retention standards for residential, commercial and industrial stated in § 192-05.
   (B)   Any emergency activity as determined by the city that is immediately necessary for the protection of life, property or natural resources.
   (C)   Existing nursery and agricultural operations conducted as permitted or accessory use.
   (D)   New development that is not located within 50 feet of the city's stormwater collection system and that is not likely to impair the objectives of this chapter, upon the approval of the City Engineer based on the criteria noted herein.
(Ord. O2007-78, passed 12-19-07)