§ 195-01 Findings of Facts.
   Land development in both new and redevelopment projects can increase the impervious land cover, alter the hydrologic response of local watersheds and ultimately increase stormwater runoff rates and volumes, flooding, stream channel erosion and sediment transport and deposition. This runoff contributes to increased quantities of water-borne pollutants. However, stormwater runoff, soil erosion and nonpoint source pollution can be controlled and minimized through the regulation of stormwater runoff from development sites. Therefore, the city establishes this set of water quality and quantity policies applicable to its MS4 and local surface waters to provide reasonable guidance for the regulation of stormwater runoff for the purpose of protecting the city's MS4 and local water resources from urban pollutants, reduction in conveyance capacities of flood control facilities and degradation to local water resources.
(Ord. O2007-78, passed 12-19-07)