§ 194-01 Findings of Fact.
   An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge to the Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) or waters of the United States that is not composed entirely of stormwater, except for discharges allowed by the AZPDES Permit No. AZG2016-002 or waters used for firefighting operations. These non-stormwater discharges occur due to illegal connections to the MS4 from residential, business, industrial or commercial establishments. As a result of these illicit connections, contaminated stormwater, wastes or wastewater enters storm drains or local waters before receiving treatment at a wastewater treatment plant. Illicit connections may be intentional or unknown to the property or business owner and may be due to the connection of floor drains to the MS4. Additional sources of illicit discharges can be attributed to, but not limited to, failing septic systems, illegal dumping practices, and the improper disposal of sewage from recreational practices such as boating or camping.
(Ord. O2005-15, passed 2-16-05; Ord. O2021-022, passed 8-4-21)