§ 193-88  Duties and Powers.
   The Commission shall have the following powers and duties with the approval of the Mayor and Council:
   (A)   To establish rules as it deems necessary for the operation and faithful performance of the Commission.
   (B)   To organize by electing one of the Commission as chairman of the Commission and one of its members as secretary of the Commission.
   (C)   To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council concerning matters affecting the planning and development of the city water and sewer systems.
   (D)   To act as supportive liaison between the city government and the residents of the city on subjects including but not limited to proposed utility capital improvements, bond issues, rate schedule and system policies.
   (E)   To sit as a board of adjustment in October of each year or at any other time as required by the City Council and in an advisory capacity make recommendations to the City Council as to the city water and sewer rates and charges.
('80 Code, § 31-23)  (Ord. 1899, passed 1-16-80)