§ 193-68  Basis of Billing.
   Water bills rendered to customers will be based upon quantitative consumption of water as indicated on the water meter.  The amount of sewer charges will be based on the type of use of the property as indicated on the fee classification schedule listed in the utility regulation section.
   (A)   Hydrant Meters.  Customers requesting hydrant meters shall be supplied with a meter reading schedule and instructions upon receipt of meter. These customers shall deliver their city issued hydrant meters to Meter Shop personnel for reading and inspection during the requested time period. A field meter service fee of $100.00 per meter per read shall be charged when the customer fails to deliver their hydrant meter to the Meter Shop during the requested time period. 
('80 Code, § 31-113)  (Ord. 1899, passed 1-16-80; Ord. O2000-16, passed 5-3-00)