§ 193-49  Water Usage Restricted and Prohibited.
   The use and withdrawal of water by any person for the following purposes is considered wasting of city water in an emergency situation and is hereby restricted or prohibited under the conditions stated:
   (A)   Watering yards and other vegetation.  The sprinkling or irrigating of shrubbery, lawns, grass, ground covers, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers or any other vegetation which is used in landscaping shall be restricted to those days and times as set forth in the Council's proclamation of emergency.
   (B)   Cleaning outdoor surfaces.  The washing of sidewalks, driveways, filling stations, aprons, porches and other outdoor surfaces is strictly prohibited.
   (C)   Cleaning buildings.  The washing of the outside of dwellings and the washing of the outside of office buildings is strictly prohibited.
   (D)   Ornamental fountains.  The operation of any ornamental fountain or other structure making a similar use of water is strictly prohibited, except when it is maintained with a recirculating system.
   (E)   Swimming pools.  Swimming and wading pools not employing a filter and recirculating system are strictly prohibited.
   (F)   Escape through defective system.  The known escape of water through defective plumbing is strictly prohibited.
('80 Code, § 31-61)  (Ord. 1315, passed 7-5-73)  Penalty, see § 193-99