§ 193-29  Discontinuance of Service.
   (A)   Discontinuance of service at customer's request.
      (1)   A customer may have service discontinued by giving not less than two days' advance written or verbal notice to the city.
      (2)   When such notice is not given, the customer shall be held responsible for all water consumed on the subject premise and will be required to pay for service until two days after the city has knowledge that the customer has vacated the premises or otherwise has discontinued water service.
   (B)   Discontinuance of service by city.
      (1)   The city may discontinue service to any customer for nonpayment of bill for service.  Bills are delinquent 15 days after rendered.
      (2)   The city may discontinue service to any customer without notice whenever the fraudulent use of the water or sewer system is detected, or where the Utility Division's regulating and measuring equipment has been tampered with, or where a dangerous condition is found to exist on the customer's premises or where a violation of the utility regulations is found to exist and customer refuses to correct same.
      (3)   The city may discontinue service to any customer on written notice of at least two days mailed to such customer at his address as shown on the Utility Division's records or personally delivered to his household, advising the customer of the specific violation of these rules that exists.  The customer will be permitted 48 hours to correct the violation.
      (4)   If the customer believes that in fact no violation of regulations or delinquency exists, the customer is entitled to a hearing on that matter.  A hearing may be arranged by contacting the Customer Services Division of the Financial Services Department at the City Hall.
   (C)   Renewal of water service after discontinuance date.
      (1)   If service has been discontinued for failure to comply with the provision prescribed herein, or when a Utility Division representative has arrived at a premises to discontinue service or collect a delinquent water bill, the city may make a charge for restoration of service or collection of the delinquent bill.
         (a)   The charge for restoration of a service or collection of a delinquent bill during normal hours of business will be $50.
         (b)   The charge for restoration of service between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on any weekday and anytime on Saturday, Sundays or holidays will be $100.
      (2)   In the event the customer turns on the water service or allows it to be turned on without authorization after it has been turned off under the provisions of division (B) of this section, the Utility Division may again turn off the water service and the fee to reconnect water and sewer service shall be two times the fee provided in subdivision (1) of this division.
      (3)   If the customer, without authorization, turns on a service or allows or causes it to be turned on after it has been discontinued because of a sanitary hazard or other dangerous condition, the Utility Division will remove the meter and not reinstall it until such hazard or condition is abated.  The city will charge the customer the cost for removal of the meter and the cost to reinstall it and to restore service in such circumstances.
      (4)   If the Utility Division discontinues water service because the customer has tampered with the Utility Division's regulating device or meter, the customer will be required to deposit the sum of $50 before water service will be restored.  Such deposit will be applied to the cost of repairs of the Utility Division's property and any balance renaming shall be refunded to the customer.
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