§ 193-23  Service Deposits.
   (A)   Along with the application for water utility service(s) and prior to such service being connected, all applicants shall pay the city a security deposit for each service connection, with the amount of the deposit established by the Finance Director and based upon the credit history and/or utility payment history of the customer.
   (B)   The Finance Director shall have the authority to waive or reduce the deposit requirement based solely on the credit history or account history of the applicant. The deposit shall not be waived for those applicants who do not provide their social security number to the City of Yuma. Unless waived or reduced by the Finance Director, the mandatory deposit shall be the minimum charges for an average two month period or $300, whichever is greater.
   (C)   Applicants for hydrant meter usage shall be required to pay to the city a deposit in the amount of $600.00 for each meter requested at the time of application. The deposit will be relinquished to the city in the event of damage, theft or loss.
   (D)   Upon termination of water service, such deposit, without interest, will be refunded, except that any unpaid charges, including final charges for service, shall be deducted from the deposit and any excess portion of the deposit refunded.
   (E)   In the event of non-payment for utilities services, the deposit shall not preclude the City of Yuma from discontinuing any and all utility services to the service location, regardless whether the amount of the deposit is sufficient to cover the arrearage amount.
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