§ 193-22  Terms and Conditions of Service Applications.
   (A)   Payment of charges and fees.
      (1)   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to connect a private sewer line and/or water service line to any portion of the city's sewer and/or water system unless a proper application for a permit to connect to the system has been made, all fees required to accompany the application have been paid and the application has been approved by the proper city authorities.
      (2)   As a condition precedent to the granting of the permit and furnishing water to the premises, the Utility Division shall require payment in advance for the installation of service pipe, meter, water and sewer inspection fees, reimbursement charges, connection fees and capacity charges.
      (3)   Sewer capacity charges will be due and payable at the time of granting of the application for the water service except for a general water service that involves more than one building per meter setting.  In that circumstance, sewer capacity charges will be due and payable for each building when that building permit is issued by the Building Safety Division of the Development Services Department.
   (B)   No water service furnished until all charges paid.  The Utility Division shall not furnish domestic water service to any premises or property, or resume such service subsequent to a turnoff order until all charges against the premises incurred by the customer at that location due and payable to the city under this chapter are paid.
   (C)   Proper notification of discontinuance required.  A customer who has made application for water shall be liable for all water and sewer service furnished to such premises until such time as the customer properly notifies the Utility Division to discontinue the service for his account.
   (D)   Use of service without proper application.  Any person, persons, associations or corporations taking possession of a premise where the water supply has been shut off by the Utility Division and using water or sewer service without making proper application shall be responsible for all charges for the water and/or sewer service.  The amount of such charges shall be determined from meter readings or on the basis of the estimated consumption for the time water or sewer was used.
   (E)   Additional information required for industrial waste connection.  Each industry, business or other operation that discharge wastes into the public sewer system shall make application for an industrial waste connection, and said connection shall be approved only after the applicant has complied with all applicable provisions of this subchapter.  The applicant shall furnish all information required by the proper city authorities relating to the desired connection, proposed use of the sewer and the character of the wastes to be discharged.  A change in use or type of wastes discharged shall require a new application and approval.
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