§ 193-21  Utility Service Applications.
   (A)   Utility service existing.  A customer desiring to have premises supplied with water and sewer service where the services exist shall make application in person on the forms provided at the Customer Services Division, office of the Financial Services Department in the City Hall.
   (B)   New service required.  A customer requiring the installation of a new water or sewer service shall make application in person, to the Department of Development Services, Engineering Division on the forms provided for such application.  The Utility Division requirements for the type of service desired must be met before the application for the service will be approved.
   (C)   Special service.  Application for a special service shall be made in writing in the same manner as required for a new service and shall be made under the following circumstances:
      (1)   When temporary service is requested.
      (2)   When standby service for fire protection is requested.
   (D)   Waiver.  At the time of application for water service, the customer will sign a statement waiving claims against the city for damages which may occur to the customer's property at the time of service turn-on due to any leaks in or failure of the customer's water system.
   (E)   Social security numbers. Disclosure of a utility customer's social security number is voluntary and is not a condition of receiving utility services from the City of Yuma. The city may use a customer's social security numbers for the following business purposes:
      (1)   Establishment of new utility account applications;
      (2)   Identification and verification;
      (3)   To obtain credit information from third party credit agencies to determine the credit worthiness of a customer;
      (4)   Billing and payment collections; and
      (5)   The city may disclose social security numbers to another agency or governmental entity if such disclosure is necessary for the receiving agency or entity to perform its duties and responsibilities.
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