§ 193-18  Utility Regulations to be Adopted by Resolution or Ordinance.
   (A)   Regulations not in conflict with the provisions of this subchapter shall be established for governing the use of the utilities, connections and extensions thereto, and for prescribing utility rates, charges and fees.  Such regulations shall not become effective until approved by the City Council and shall be adopted by resolution or ordinance.
   (B)   A certain document. three copies of which are on file as public record in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Yuma, being marked and titled as "City of Yuma Utility Regulations Article I - Water Regulations," dated February 7, 2006, which was made a public record by Resolution R2006-32, is hereby adopted by reference and made a part hereof as it fully set out herein.
('80 Code, § 31-85)  (Ord. 1899, passed 1-16-80; Ord. 2566, passed 3-4-92; Ord. O2006-35, passed 5-17-06)