§ 193-03  Escape of Irrigation Water Prohibited.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully or negligently permit or cause the escape or flow of irrigation water in such quantity as to cause flooding, to impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic, to create a hazardous condition to such traffic, to create a condition which constitutes a threat to the public health and safety, or to cause damage to the public streets of the city through the failure or neglect to properly operate or maintain any irrigation structure, delivery ditch, or waste ditch in which said person has a vested right or interest or through willful or negligent failure of the person to accept irrigation water after it has been ordered by him, or to irrigate his property in a manner which results in the overflow of such irrigation waters.
('80 Code, § 31-3)  (Ord. 1798, passed 12-20-78)  Penalty, see § 193-99