§ 192-02  Purpose; Exception.
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to require the owner/developer of each lot, plot or parcel of land within the city limits to provide storage of sufficient volume to hold the total runoff from the design storm falling on that lot, plot or parcel of land.  An exception to this requirement will be granted by the City Engineer only when runoff can be directed into a storm sewer, channel or natural drainageway  with sufficient capacity to transport storm water to an approved ultimate disposal site.  The owner/developer shall not be required to provide storage for runoff from land other than his own except where it can be proven that flow from adjacent land has historically crossed or inundated the land of the owner/developer.
   (B)   This chapter and its revision(s) are intended to be as closely compatible with the long range goals of the Yuma County Flood Control District.
('80 Code, § 31-144)  (Ord. 1670, passed 10-12-77; Ord. 1836, passed 6- 20-79; Ord. O2021-021, passed 8-4-2021)