§ 157-13 Streets Facilities Development Fee.
   (A)   Definitions.
      STREETS FACILITIES. A public facility, including arterial or collector streets or roads, traffic signals, rights-of-way, and improvements thereon, bridges, culverts, irrigation tiling, storm drains, and regional transportation facilities.
      STREETS FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT FEE. A development fee imposed to offset the impacts of new development on streets facilities set forth in the Infrastructure Improvements Plan, subject to the limitations set forth in this chapter.
   (B)   Service area.  There are hereby established two service areas for streets facilities development fees as follows:
      (1)   North Service Area:  All lands within the City of Yuma located north of and including 56th Street; and
      (2)   South Service Area:  All lands within the City of Yuma located south of 56th Street.
   (C)   Applicability and appropriation of development fees.  Streets facilities development fees shall be assessed against both residential and non-residential development as further provided in this chapter. Streets facilities development fees may be appropriated for public facilities included in the Infrastructure Improvements Plan.
   (D)   Streets facilities development fee schedule for residential development in the North Service Area.
Development Type
Fee Per Dwelling Unit
All Other Housing
   (E)   Streets facilities development fee schedule for non-residential development.
Development Type
Fee Per Square Foot
Hotel (per room)
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