§ 157-06 Parks and Recreation Facilities Development Fee.
   (A)   Definitions.
      PARKS AND RECREATION FACILITIES.  A public facility, including but not limited to parks, swimming pools, and related facilities. PARKS AND RECREATION FACILITIES do not include vehicles, equipment or that portion of any facility that is used for amusement parks, aquariums, aquatic centers, auditoriums, arenas, arts and cultural facilities, bandstand and orchestra facilities, bathhouses, boathouses, clubhouses, community centers greater than 3,000 square feet in floor area, environmental education centers, equestrian facilities, golf course facilities, greenhouses, lakes, museums, theme parks, water reclamation or riparian areas, wetlands, or zoo facilities.
      PARKS AND RECREATION FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT FEE.  A development fee imposed to offset the impacts of new development on parks and recreation facilities set forth in the Infrastructure Improvements Plan, subject to the limitations set forth in this chapter
   (B)   Service area.  There are hereby established two service areas for parks and recreation facilities development fees as follows:
      (1)   North Service Area:  All lands within the City of Yuma located north of and including 56th Street; and
      (2)   South Service Area:  All lands within the City of Yuma located south of 56th Street.
   (C)   Applicability and appropriation of development fees.  Parks and recreation facilities development fees shall only be assessed against only residential development, as further provided in this chapter. Parks and recreation facilities development fees may be appropriated for public facilities included in the Infrastructure Improvements Plan.
   (D)   Parks and recreation facilities development fee schedule for residential development in the North Service Area.
Development Type
Fee Per Dwelling Unit
All Other Housing
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