§ 154-19.05  Temporary Mobile Personal Wireless Communication Units.
   (A)   Permit length limitations.  The following permit length limitations shall apply to temporary mobile personal wireless  communication units. All temporary unit locations may be used for a period not to exceed 60 days. A request for an extension may be submitted in writing to the Zoning Administrator for a one time 60-day extension. The provider may not locate another temporary unit within a 600-foot radius of this location for one year after the expiration of the temporary permit. All temporary units require Zoning Administrator approval.
   (B)   Abbreviated application requirements.  Due to the temporary nature of these units, the following abbreviated application requirements apply:
      (1)   Site plan drawn to 20:1 scale.  The site plan must show the building(s) on the site, on-site parking, surrounding parcels, parcel dimensions, property lines, right-of-way distances to centerline of the adjacent street(s), names of all adjacent streets, distances between the temporary wireless facility and any structures and rights-of-way and easements within 150 feet, north arrow and scale, and location of all landscaping; and
      (2)   Written authorization.  The applicant shall provide the city with written authorization from the owner of record to use the property. To be authorized for use the applicant must submit a copy of an executed lease or a signed and notarized statement from the property owner.
   (C)   Site and structural requirements for temporary mobile personal wireless communication units.
      (1)   All temporary facilities must be setback from the property line, zoning demarcation line or roadway right-of-way line a distance of one foot  for every one foot in structure height from a residential use or zone or an arterial street, state or federal highway.
      (2)   The temporary tower can be no higher than 65 feet in height (measured from the lowest point of natural grade of the lot it is located on to the highest point of the unit) and cannot interfere with any required parking or access to the lot or surrounding lots.
      (3)   All antenna arrays are limited to a four foot maximum diameter.
(Ord. O2000-35, passed 6-21-2000; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010)