§ 151-22  Standards for Manufactured Homes.
   All manufactured homes that are placed on site or substantially improved shall:
   (A)   Be elevated to conform with Section 151-18(C) so that the bottom of the structural frame or the lowest point of any attached appliances, whichever is lower, is at or above the RFE; and
   (B)   Be securely anchored to an adequately anchored foundation system to resist flotation, collapse or lateral movement.  Methods of anchoring may include, but are not to be limited to, use of over-the-top or frame ties to ground anchors. This requirement is in addition to applicable state and local anchoring requirements for resisting wind forces.
   (C)   Be elevated to the RFE and be securely anchored to a foundation system to resist floatation, collapse and lateral movement, if located within zones AE and AH on the FIRM, outside of a manufactured home park or subdivision:
      (1)   In a new manufactured home park or subdivision;
      (2)   In an expansion to an existing manufactured home park or subdivision; or
      (3)   In an existing manufactured home park or subdivision on which a manufactured home has incurred substantial damage as a result of flood.
   (D)   Upon completion of installation of the manufactured home, certification by a registered professional engineer or surveyor, and verified by the community's building inspector that the elevation requirements of this section have been satisfied. Such certification and verification shall be provided to the FPA.
(Ord. O2006-53, passed 8-16-06; Ord. O2013-62, passed 12-4-13; Ord. O2021-013, passed 7-21-21)