§ 150-077  Amendments.
   The following amendments, additions and deletions are hereby made to the National Electrical Code 2014 Edition and 2006 International Code Council Electrical Code Administrative Provisions, as adopted by this subchapter.  Paragraphs and section numbers refer to the National Electrical Code and International Code Council Electrical Code Administrative Provisions numbering systems. Code references not appearing in this section, as amended, shall be enforced as published in the reference document.
   (A)   The requirements of the most current Arizona Public Service (APS) Electric Service Manual shall supersede the requirements of the NEC when the APS requirements are more restrictive.
   (B)   When reference is made to the Fire Code it shall mean the current adopted Fire Code.
   (C)   Article 310.106(A) Minimum Size of Conductors. Amend to read, "The minimum size of conductors shall be as shown in Table 310.106(A). Whether solid or stranded, conductors, other than signal or control wiring, shall not be smaller than #12 Copper or #1 Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum for current carrying conductors."
   (D)   Amend Table 310.106(A) as follows:
   Table 310.106(A) Minimum Size of Conductors
Conductor Voltage Rating (Volts)
Minimum Conductor Size (AWG)
Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum
0 - 2000
2001 - 8000
8001 - 15,000
15,001 - 28,000
28,001 - 35,000
   (E)   Article 334.10 Uses Permitted. Amend to read, "Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used in Residential Group R-3 and their related U structures. Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used in Residential Group R-1, Residential Group R-2, and Residential Group R-4 and their related U structures, for branch circuits only. The branch circuits shall serve only one residential unit and shall originate in a panel or junction box located on or within the unit served."
   (F)   Article 394.10 Uses Permitted. Amend to read, "Use of Concealed knob-and-tube wiring shall be limited to the maintenance and repair of existing installations. No knob-and-tube wiring shall be extended or otherwise altered to provide additional points of utilization or used to establish new circuits."
   (G)   Article 338.10 Uses Permitted.  (A) Service-Entrance conductors. Amend to read, "Type SE and USE cable shall not be used as service-entrance conductors."
   (H)   Article 690.56 Identification of Power Sources. Subpart (C) Facilities with Rapid Shutdown. Add to end of section. "The required plaque or directory shall be located on or adjacent to the utility service entrance section."
   (I)   Chapter 1. ICCEC Administrative Provisions. Section 101.1 Title. Amend to read, "These regulations shall be known as the Electrical Code - Administrative Provisions of City of Yuma, Department of Community Development, Building Safety Division and shall be cited as such and will be referred to herein as 'this code'."
   (J)   Section 102.6 Referenced codes and standards. Amend first sentence to read, "The codes and standards referenced in this code shall be those that are listed in Chapter 13 and such codes and standards shall be considered part of the requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such reference, except that where duplications of reference standards are included in the building and fire codes, the reference standard numbers of the current adopted building and fire codes shall govern."
   (K)   Chapter 3. Section 301.1 Creation of enforcement agency. Delete all reference to Department of Electrical Inspection, and amend first sentence to read, "The Department of Community Development, Building Safety Division is hereby created and the official in charge thereof shall be known as the code official."
   (L)   Chapter 4. Section 404.2 Schedule of permit fees. Insert Electrical Permit Fee Schedule Table 1-A, as follows:
   Table 1-A
A.   Fee Schedule for New Construction. By Occupancy Classification. Electrical Permit Fee amount is calculated using the listed unit rate per square foot times the gross building area in square feet.  For occupancies not listed use the System Fee Schedule or Unit Fee Schedule.
Group "A-1" Assembly w/ Fixed Seating (Theater, Concert Hall, etc.)   $0.07
Group "A-2" Assembly w/ Food & Drink Consumption (Restaurant, Tavern, Night Club, etc.)   0.11
Group "A-2" Assembly w/ Food & Drink Consumption (Restaurant - Fast Food)   0.20
Group "A-3" Assembly for Worship, Recreation, Amusement (Church, Museum, Dance Hall, etc.)   0.06
Group "B" Business (Offices, Professional Services, etc.)   0.09
Group "E" Educational (Schools Below 12th Grade, Day Care, etc.)   0.04
Group "F-1" Factory (Moderate Hazard)   Use Unit Schedule
Group "F-2" Factory (Low Hazard)   Use Unit Schedule
Group "I-2" Institutional (Hospital, Nursing Home, etc.)   0.09
Group "I-3" Institutional (Jail, etc.)   0.04
Group "I-4" Institutional (Day Care 24 hour, Day Care under 2 1/2 years of Age, etc.)   0.04
Group "M" Mercantile (Retail or Wholesale Store, Market, Department Store, etc.)   0.04
Group "R-1" Residential (Hotel, Motel, etc.: Transient)   0.09
Group "R-2" Residential (Hotel, Motel, etc.: Non-Transient)   0.09
Group "S-1" Moderate-Hazard Storage (Combustible Storage)   Use Unit Schedule
Group "S-2" Low-Hazard Storage (Noncombustible Storage)   Use Unit Schedule
B.   Fee Schedule – Other
Permit Issuance
1. For issuing each electrical permit   $50.00
2. For issuing each supplemental permit for which the original permit has not expired, been canceled or finaled   7.00
System Fee Schedule
   (Note: The following do not include permit-issuing fee.)
1.   New Residential Buildings
The following fees shall include all wiring and electrical equipment in or on each building, or other electrical equipment on the same premises constructed at the same time.
Multifamily. For new multifamily buildings (apartments and condominiums) having three or more dwelling units constructed at the same time, not including the area of garages, carports, and accessory buildings, per square foot (0.09 m2)   $0.05   
Single- and two-family.  For new single- and two-family residential buildings constructed at the same time and not including the area of garages, carports, and accessory buildings, per square foot (0.09 m2)   0.08
For other types of residential occupancies use the Fee Schedule for New Construction. For alterations, additions, and modifications to existing residential buildings, use the Unit Fee Schedule.
2.   Private Swimming Pools
For new private, in-ground swimming pools for single-family and multifamily occupancies including a complete system of necessary branch circuit wiring, bonding, grounding, underwater lighting, water pumping, and other similar electrical equipment directly related to the operation of a swimming pool, each pool   52.00
3.   Carnivals and Circuses
Carnivals, circuses, or other types of traveling shows or exhibitions utilizing transportable rides, booths, displays, and attractions.
For electrical generators and electrically driven rides, each   22.00
For mechanically driven rides and walk through attractions or displays having electric lighting, each   7.00
For a system of area and booth lighting, each   7.00
For permanently installed rides, booths, displays, and attractions use the Unit Fee Schedule.
4.   Temporary Power Service
For a temporary service pole or pedestal including all pole or pedestal mounted receptacle outlets or appurtenances, each   25.00
For a temporary distribution system and temporary lighting and receptacle outlets for construction sites, decorative lights, Christmas tree sales lots, fire works stands, etc., each   15.00
Unit Fee Schedule
   (Note: The following do not include permit-issuing fee.)
1.   Receptacle, Switch and Light Outlets
For receptacle, switch, light or other outlets at which current is used or controlled, except services, feeders and meters:
   First 20 fixtures, each   1.50
   Additional fixtures, each   1.00
Note: For multioutlet assemblies, each 5 feet (1524 mm) or fraction thereof may be considered as one outlet.   
2.   Lighting Fixtures
For lighting fixtures, sockets or other lamp holding devices:
   First 20 fixtures, each   $1.50
   Additional fixtures, each   1.00
For pole or platform-mounted lighting fixtures, each   1.50
For theatrical-type lighting fixtures or assemblies, each   1.50
3.   Residential Appliances
For fixed residential appliances or receptacle outlets for same, including wall-mounted electric ovens; counter-mounted cooking tops; electric ranges; self-contained room, console, or through-wall air conditioners; space heaters; food waste grinders; dishwashers; washing machines; water heaters; clothes dryers; or other motor-operated appliances not exceeding 1 horsepower (HP)(746W,) in rating, each   5.00
Note: For other types of air conditioners and other motor-driven appliances having larger electrical ratings, see Power Apparatus.
4.   Nonresidential Appliances
For nonresidential appliances and self-contained factory-wired, nonresidential appliances not exceeding 1 horsepower (HP), kilowatt (kW), or kilovolt-ampere (kVA), in rating, including medical and dental devices; food, beverage and ice cream cabinets; illuminated show cases; drinking fountains; vending machines; laundry machines; or other similar types of equipment, each   5.00
Note: For other types of air conditioners and other motor-driven appliances having larger electrical ratings, see Power Apparatus.
5.   Power Apparatus
For motors, generators, transformers, rectifiers, synchronous converters, capacitors, industrial heating, air conditioners and heat pumps, cooking or baking equipment and other apparatus, as follows:
Rating in horsepower (HP), kilowatts (kW), kilovolt-amperes (kVA) or kilovolt-amperes-reactive (kVAR):
   Up to and including 1, each   5.00
   Over 1 and not over 10, each   13.00
   Over 10 and not over 50, each   25.00
   Over 50 and not over 100, each   50.00
   Over 100, each   67.00
   1.   For equipment or appliances having more than one motor, transformer, heater, etc., the sum of the combined ratings may be used.
   2.   These fees include all switches, circuit breakers, contactors, thermostats, relays and other directly related control equipment.
6.   Busways
For trolley and plug-in-type busways, each 100 feet (30 480 mm) or fraction thereof   $8.00
Note: An additional fee is required for lighting fixtures, motors and other appliances that are connected to trolley and plug-in-type busways. A fee is not required for portable tools.
7.   Signs, Outline Lighting and Marquees
For signs, outline lighting and marquees supplied from one branch circuit, each   25.00
For additional branch circuits within the same sign, outline lighting system or marquee, each   5.00
8.   Services
For services of 600 volts or less and not over 200 amperes in rating, each   50.00
For services of 600 volts or less and over 200 amperes to 1,000 amperes, each   75.00
For services over 600 volts or 1,000 amperes in rating, each   125.00
9.   Miscellaneous Apparatus, Conduits and Conductors
For electrical apparatus, conduits and conductors for which a permit is required but for which no fee is herein set forth   25.00
Note: This fee is not applicable when a fee is paid for one or more services, outlets, fixtures, appliances, power apparatus, signs or other equipment.
   Other Inspections and Fees
1.   Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge two hours)   $50 per hour*
2.   Reinspection fee assessed under provisions of Section 107.3.3   $50 per hour*
   Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge one-half hour)   $50 per hour*
3.   Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans (minimum charge one-half hour)    $50 per hour*
* Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is greater. This cost shall include, supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.
   (M)   Section 404.3 Work commencing before permit issuance. Amend to read, "Any person who commences work before obtaining the necessary permits shall be subject to the usual fee and an additional investigation fee. An investigation fee, in addition to the permit fee, shall be collected whether or not a permit is then or subsequently issued. The investigation fee shall be determined by the code official, based on the circumstances, nature and severity of the infraction. The minimum investigation fee shall be$50 and the maximum shall be an amount up to the same as the fee set forth in Table 1-A."
   (N)   Amend section 404.5 Refunds. "The code official shall authorize the refunding of fees as follows.
      1.   The full amount of any fee paid hereunder which was erroneously paid or collected.
      2.   Not more than 80 percent of the permit fee paid when no work has been done under a permit issued in accordance with this code.
      3.   Not more than 80 percent of the plan review fee paid when an application for a permit for which a plan review fee has been paid is withdrawn or canceled before any plan review effort has been expended."
   (O)   Section 1003.1 Penalties. Amend sentence to read, "Any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this code or who fails to carry out an order made pursuant of this code or violates any condition attached to a permit, approval or certificate shall be subject to the penalty and fine described in Section 5 of this ordinance".
   (P)    Section 1004.3 Unlawful continuance. Amend sentence to read, "Any person who shall continue any work in or about the structure after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be subject to the penalty and fine described in Section 5 of this ordinance".  Penalty, see § 150-999
   (Q)   Chapter 11. ICCEC Administrative Provisions. Section 1102.1 Membership of board. Amend to read, "The membership of the Building Advisory Board, as prescribed in Section 150-008 of the Yuma City Code, will be the Board of Appeals."
   (R)   Delete Sections 1102.2 through 1102.4.
   (S)   Section 1103.5 Postponed hearing. Amend to read, "When nine members are not present to hear an appeal, either the appellant or the appellant's representative shall have the right to request a postponement of the hearing."
   (T)   Chapter 12. Delete Section 1202.2 Nonmetallic-sheathed cable.
   (U)   Chapter 13. Under heading "NFPA" revise standard reference number from "70-08" to "70-14."
(Ord. O98-25, passed 4-15-98; Ord. O2003-51, passed 10-15-03; Ord. O2004-35, passed 6-16-04; Ord. O2009-22, passed 4-1-09; Ord. 2015-040, passed 7-15-15)