§ 138-03  Registration.
   (A)   The owner or managing agent of any residential rental property located in a  Neighborhood Revitalization Area shall register each dwelling unit on a form designated by the Director.
   (B)   The owner may designate a managing agent.  If the owner is domiciled outside the State of Arizona, the owner shall designate a managing agent that is domiciled within the State of Arizona.  The owner shall provide to the city in writing the name, street address, and telephone number of the managing agent.  The owner shall keep such information current and notify the city within ten days of any change in such information.  When designated, the managing agent shall:
      (1)   Have the authority to grant the owner's consent to inspections in accordance with  § 138-06(A), but only where the owner may grant such consent;
      (2)   Have the authority to take such actions as are necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter and all other applicable statutes, regulations, codes and ordinances adopted by the city;
      (3)   Be authorized to accept service on behalf of the owner.
Designation of a managing agent does not relieve the owner of the responsibility for compliance with this chapter.
   (C)   No owner or managing agent shall lease, rent or cause any dwelling unit(s) to be occupied in a Neighborhood Revitalization Area unless the property is registered in accordance with this section.
(Ord. O2002-15, passed 3-6-02; Ord. 2003-06, passed 2-19-03)