§ 138-02  Definitions.
   For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW .  An appeal procedure, requested by the owner or managing agent to the Director of the Department of Community Development.
   BUILDING AND HOUSING CODES .  Any law, ordinance or governmental regulation concerning fitness for habitation, or the construction, maintenance, operation, occupancy, use or appearance of any premises, dwelling unit(s), or residential rental property.
   CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE .  A certificate issued by the Department that the owner of a residential rental property has complied with this chapter.
   COMMON AREAS .  That portion of the premises where one or more tenants and the owner have a common right of access.
   DEPARTMENT .  The Department of Community Development.
   DIRECTOR .  The Director of the Department of Community Development or the Director's designee.
   DWELLING UNIT(S) .  A structure, a part of a structure, a mobile home or a recreational vehicle suect to a rental agreement or used as a home, residence, or sleeping quarters by any person.
   HOUSING CODE.  The current property maintenance code as adopted by the City of Yuma at § 150-090.
   MANAGING AGENT .  A person, corporation, partnership, LLC, association or any other entity authorized to manage the residential rental property.
   MULTIPLE-FAMILY RENTAL COMMUNITY .  Residential  dwelling units consisting of no less than 20 units on a single lot or adjacent lots under common ownership.
   NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION AREA .  A defined neighborhood where the City Council has approved a comprehensive revitalization strategy.
   OWNER .  One or more persons, jointly or severally, vested with all or part of the legal title to the residential rental property.
   RENTAL AGREEMENT .  Any agreement, whether written, oral or implied by law, together with any valid rules and regulations of the owner, embodying the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit.
   RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY .  A property that is used, in whole or in part, as leased or rented for residential purposes and occupied by anyone, including family members.  If only a portion of a property is so leased or rented, only that portion and the premises and common areas associated therewith shall be RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY .  If the property is a space rental, RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY includes the rental space but does not include a mobile home or recreational vehicle that is owned and occupied by the tenant of the rental space and not by the owner of the rental space.
   TENANT .  A person entitled under a rental agreement to occupy a dwelling unit to the exclusion of others.
(Ord. O2002-15, passed 3-6-02; Ord. O2003-06, passed 2-19-03; Ord. O2015-058, passed 11-18-15)