§ 137-01  Purpose.
   This chapter is enacted to further the following public purposes:
   (A)   To plant and maintain municipal trees in support of increasing the citywide tree canopy, pursuant to the city's most current Tree and Shade Master Plan;
   (B)   To promote efficient and cost-effective management of the city's urban forest;
   (C)   To foster community support for the city's urban forestry programs and encourage good tree management on privately-owned properties by conducting an ongoing program of public outreach and education in order to promote public understanding of the city's urban forest;
   (D)   To maintain status as a "Tree City, USA", by the National Arbor Day Foundation, a designation that will increase opportunities for the city to pursue and successfully obtain grant funding specific to the establishment, promotion, and management of our urban forest.
(Ord. O2019-038, passed 12-4-19)