§ 134-04  Selection of Corrective Measures.
   (A)   Corrective measures will be selected by the citing official after considering the following factors:
      (1)   Community, welfare and environmental concerns at risk.
      (2)   Proximity to valuable natural resources such as waters of the state or the United States.
      (3)   Accessibility to the nuisance site by persons and equipment.
      (4)   Quantity, concentration and properties of the hazardous substances present.
      (5)   The practicality and cost-effectiveness of corrective measures applicable to a site.
      (6)   The ability of the responsible party to pay abatement costs or reimburse the city if it has to clean up the site.
      (7)   Availability of other federal, state, or county enforcement authorities such as the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality or the Environmental Protection Agency to take the necessary action.
   (B)   The citing enforcement authority will consult with other members listed in § 134-06 and the city's Environmental Program Coordinator in cases where the materials present might require special handling.
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