§ 134-03  Administrative Review Process.
   (A)   The enforcing authority's department director will act as the hearing officer and will be responsible for reviewing all requests from parties contesting corrective measures.
   (B)   Responsible parties may object to corrective measures intended by the city by filing written notice to the hearing officer within 72 hours of receipt of the notice to comply.
   (C)   The hearing officer, upon receipt of the request for review, shall notify those concerned to defer enforcement action unless there is a danger to the public's health or safety until the outcome of the review is determined.  The hearing officer may use any resources available for the purposes of obtaining information necessary to determine whether appropriate corrective measures were selected.  The responsible party shall promptly supply to the hearing officer any additional information necessary to fully and completely review the issues.  At the conclusion of the review, the hearing officer shall notify the responsible party and the enforcement authority of his findings within ten working days.  Corrective measures must commence within 24 hours of this notification.
('80 Code, § 11.5-42)  (Ord. O95-005, passed 3-16-95)