§ 134-02  Liability for Public Nuisances; Mitigative Actions by Responsible Parties.
   (A)   When a public nuisance is created, the responsible party (RP) will be issued a notice to comply and given one week in which to eliminate the nuisance at their own expense.  If corrective action is not taken within one week, the responsible party will be prosecuted in accordance with § 134-99 of this chapter.  For nuisances that pose an immediate threat to the community's health or safety, the RP will be required to correct the nuisance immediately.  If the city finds it necessary to take steps to correct the nuisance, it will bill the RP for all costs incurred.
   (B)   If corrective action required is complex or extensive, additional time may be authorized by the enforcement authority to allow the responsible party a reasonable opportunity to comply.
   (C)   If a public nuisance is created and the RP cannot be determined, the owner of the property will be held responsible for corrective measures and costs.
   (D)   A person who is a responsible party shall be strictly, jointly, and severally liable for such reasonable abatement costs as may be incurred if elimination of the nuisance is not completed within the specified time and the city will take action on its own to eliminate the nuisance.
   (E)   An action brought by the city to recover abatement costs required by paragraph (D) of this section from a responsible party shall be initiated within one year of the completion of the compliance activities.
   (F)   All abatement costs shall be paid within 30 days from receipt of the abatement costs invoice.  The city may extend the time for payment or provide for installment payments if, based upon the judgement of the city, payment within 30 days would place an undue economic hardship on the violator.
   (G)   If an assessment made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter is not paid as provided, it shall be recorded in the office of the County Recorder.  From the date of its recording, it shall be a lien on said lot or tract of land assessed hereunder, and the several amounts assessed against such lot or tract of land until paid.
   (H)   Nothing in this section shall prevent the city from taking other enforcement actions as provided in this chapter.
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