§ 113-03  Liability of Owner/Operator of Business.
   Any person who knowingly conducts, maintains, owns, manages, operates or furnishes any restaurant, nightclub, bar, cabaret, tavern, tap room, theater or any place serving food or spirituous liquors, as defined by Title 4, Chapter 1, Article 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, 1956, as amended, or a private, fraternal, social, golf or country club, as defined by said statute, or in any public place, where a female appears clothed, costumed, unclothed or uncostumed in such a manner that the areola (the more darkly pigmented portion of the breast encircling the nipple) is not covered by a brassiere consisting of a fully opaque fabric material, or any person appears clothed, costumed, unclothed, or uncostumed in such a manner that the lower part of his or her torso, consisting of the private parts or anal cleft or cleavage of the buttocks, is not covered by a fully opaque fabric material or is so thinly covered as to appear uncovered, shall be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.
('80 Code, § 20-108)  (Ord. 1798, passed 12-20-78)  Penalty, see § 10-99