§ 50-25  Duties.
   The duties of the Commission shall be to:
   (A)   Initiate, develop, promote, and assist in the implementation of community beautification.
   (B)   Promote, cooperate with and coordinate activities of individuals, agencies and public or private groups and organizations whose plans, activities, and programs impact on the appearance of the city.
   (C)   Prepare a five-year plan with both general and specific proposals, for improving the appearance of the city.  The five-year plan shall be used as a guideline for future programs.  Said plan shall be presented to the City Council prior to April 1 of each year.
   (D)   Develop and present to City Council an annual plan outlining the Commission's program recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year.  Said plan shall be presented to City Council prior to April 1 of each year.
   (E)   The proposals may include, but are not limited to:
      (1)   Establishment of aesthetic goals and standards for public and private open spaces, public and private buildings, and projects, and streets and thoroughfares.
      (2)   Sponsorship of beautification days and lean-up projects in coordination with citizens, business, schools and local organizations.
      (3)   Promotions and competitions to recognize businesses and private citizens that make noteworthy improvements in the appearance of their property.
      (4)   Provision of appropriate awards to commercial and residential properties who show noteworthy improvement in their property or consistently maintain their property at exceptional levels.
      (5)   Contacts and discussions with citizen groups, business organizations, and individuals to encourage cooperative efforts to improve the city's appearance.
   (F)   Perform any additional duties as determined by the City Council related to beautification activities.
('80 Code, § 2-146)  (Ord. O95-055, passed 9-20-95)