§ 36-70  Ethics in Public Contracting.
   (A)   Standards of conduct; statement of policy.
      (1)   Public employment is a public trust.  It is the policy of the city to promote and balance the objective of protecting government integrity and the objective of facilitating the recruitment and retention of personnel needed by the city.  Such policy is implemented by prescribing essential restrictions against conflict of interest without creating unnecessary obstacles to entering public service.
      (2)   Public employees must discharge their duties impartially so as to ensure fair competitive access to governmental procurement by responsible contractors.  Moreover, they should conduct themselves in such a manner as to foster public confidence in the integrity of the city procurement organization.
      (3)   To achieve the purpose of this section, it is essential that those doing business with the city also observe the ethical standards prescribed herein.
   (B)   Standards for employees.  General standards of ethical conduct for employees are those as set forth in A.R.S. §§ 38-501 et seq.
   (C)   General standards of ethical conduct for nonemployees.  Any effort to influence any public employee to breach the standards of ethical conduct is also a breach of ethical standards.
('80 Code, § 12-81)  (Ord. 2018, passed 6-17-81)  Penalty, see § 10-99