§ 36-30  Specifications.
   (A)   Purchasing Agent's duties.  The Purchasing Agent shall prepare, issue, revise, maintain and monitor the use of specifications for supplies, services and construction required by the city, in conjunction with the City Engineer where appropriate, provided that:
      (1)   The Purchasing Agent may delegate to using department responsibility for the preparation and maintenance of specifications generally or for specific supplies, services or construction, subject to approval of any such specifications by the Purchasing Agent; and
      (2)   If the Purchasing Agent does not approve a specification, the City Administrator may, at his discretion, upon the request of the using department, modify or reverse such decision of the Purchasing Agent.  Any determination modifying or reversing the specifications shall be in writing.
   (B)   Maximum practicable competition.  All specifications shall seek to promote overall economy for the purposes intended and shall be drafted so as to ensure the maximum practicable competition for the city's actual requirements.
   (C)   Specifications prepared by architects and engineers.  The requirements of this section regarding the purposes and nonrestrictiveness of specifications shall apply to all specifications, including but not limited to those prepared by architects, engineers, designers and draftsmen for public contracts.
   (D)   Conflicting opinions on certain specifications.  In the event of a conflict between the City Engineer and the Purchasing Agent in regard to specifications requiring the seal of the City Engineer, the opinion of the City Engineer shall control; subject to review by the City Administrator pursuant to subdivision (A)(2) of this section.
('80 Code, § 12-51)  (Ord. 2018, passed 6-17-81)